Now Closed :(

EZ-Vapes would like to thank all of the wonderful customers and employee's we had over the years. It has been an awesome experience helping people "Kick The Butt" over the last 3 1/2 years. Never imagined we would meet so many amazing people. Just knowing that we had a part in this adventure is forever in our hearts. We wish you all the best and keep fighting for your right to vape. Thanks Again! :)

Voltage Vapor Logo

Voltage Vapor has recently announced that they will open Voltage V3 where the original EZ-Vapes store was located at 2214 S Ridge Rd. Voltage wants to ensure that former EZ-Vapes customers continue to be taken care of with exceptional customer service and a wide selection of high quality e-liquid and vaping products. Kudos to Voltage for doing this. Click below for more information.